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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blue World Style: Limited Edition Blouse by GrabJo, Get Them While You Can!

Sometimes looking original in virtual worlds can be difficult. Clothing isn't restricted by the availability of materials, so infinite copies can be produced for anyone who wants to buy. Under these circumstances, everyone can have everything that you have, and it can be a little hard to maintain a truly unique look (which is why some particularly guarded fashionistas may get a little snippy if you ask them where they bought their wardrobe!). Many designers and fashionistas see limited edition items as the answer to this. Instead of an infinite supply of a particular item, designers offer just a handful of copies to consumers eager to get an almost one-of-a-kind look for themselves.

The perfect example of this in Blue Mars has to be this monochrome off-shoulder top called Margret by GrabJo in Shade City (Blink Teleport here). GrabJo is definitely one of the more interesting brands in Blue Mars because of the interesting little details they put into their designs. In this case, on the back of the Margret blouse you'll find a laced-up overlay on the stark floral print, and cinching strap with two little buttons.

As it is, it's a unique design unlike most other tops in Blue Mars, but on top of that there are only 7 copies of this shirt being sold. At this point there are likely less than 7 available, since I snapped mine up (along with who knows how many others before me!). There may be 6 tops remaining, or there may only be 1. Either way, you'd better hurry up and get yours before it's too late!

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  1. Yes! I'm happy to have a copy! There's fashion staples that you can mix and match and then there's OOAK items like these where you really stand out. I'm very glad that some of the designers are creating limited versions.



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