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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue World Style: How to Keep the Cold out in Blue Mars

Today I've come across two new releases that are quite appropriate for the snowy winter treetops in Misty Hollow. As I mentioned yesterday when I wrote about the cute cropped vest from Electric Geisha, I love dressing seasonally in virtual worlds, regardless of whether or not it's necessary. I know I'm not the only one, either. The number of coats, sweaters, boots, and hats in virtual worlds always skyrockets in the winter months.

  • You can find this plush gray sweater in the new shopping mall at Misty Hollow (Blink teleport here). Released by Zuma, there's a gray sweater for the girls, and gray and green versions for the guys. It has more detail to it than the turtlenecks from Role, so it looks a bit more like a nice thick winter sweater.
  • These furry tan suede boots are the latest from GridRock City boutique 8502.Bauhaus (Blink teleport here). I'd love a slightly taller version of these cozy-looking ankle-boots, er even a few different colors-- in fact I was a little surprised that they are only available in tan, since 8502.Bauhaus tends to release three of four different colors of each product.
  • I've kept this outfit simple with some sleek hair from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates (Blink teleport here), hoop earrings from Sketchy Fever (also in Tharsis), and a pair of tried and true black leggings from irkmade in Caledonia (Blink teleport here).
Once you're dressed for the weather, don't forget to attend some of the festive events happening in Blue Mars this week. Click here for the full schedule!

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