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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blue World Style: Start Out Stylish With a New Blue Mars Avatar for under 1500 BLU$

Building a beautiful avatar on a budget can be a tall order in many virtual worlds. Many people who are new or not entirely committed to a world yet may not be willing to buy the currency that a 5-star virtual wardrobe can often require. Thankfully for budding martians Blue Mars tends to hold contests, events, and promotions offering BLU$ rewards quite often. It's a snap to earn enough for a head to toe avatar makeover. Here's an outfit that in its entirety costs less than 1500 BLU$– with plenty of room for variation!

  • The most expensive element of this outfit is the shape, so if you only have 1000 BLU$ to spend you may want to skip it. I swear by my body shapes in Blue Mars, which give avatar faces more dramatically refined features that you can achieve through the facial customization tools alone. My favorites are from Moxxi in Port Town (Blink teleport here), in particular the Aida shape, which sells for 500 BLU$.
  • I didn't pick out an avatar skin for this look. You can expect a skin to add about 1000 BLU$ to your avatar costs, and while they are very pretty, the default skin is perfectly acceptable (especially once you layer your own makeup designs over it). While I didn't grab a skin, I did grab a pair of eyes from Adam n Eve in Caledonia (Blink teleport here), which are a must-have. It's almost unthinkable that such a small item could make such a big difference, a good pair of eyes can add real depth to your digital gaze!
  • The soft, glossy hairstyles at Shade City (Blink teleport here) are as easy on the wallet as they are on the eyes. Though most of them are blond, there's still a decent assortment from which you can choose. This long wavy style will set you back 250 BLU$.
  • The dress shown is one of several from Pink Fizzy Soda Designs in Gaia (Blink teleport here). They're available in simple colors like this sweet striped blue, as well as more elaborate floral and polka dotted prints. These dresses can carry an avatar from day to evening with a sweet, feminine flair, for 350 BLU$ each. If you don't mind spending a little more, pick up a strapless bra from Estelle Parnall or Role, both in Shade City, to preserve the nice open neckline of the dress.
  • The final touch are a pair of shoes. I love these strappy sandals from 8502.Bauhaus in GridRock City (Blink teleport here), which add a seductive edge to this charming outfit. If you want to save the 345 BLU$ cost, try the default strappy stilettos in your inventory instead for a similar effect.
Do you have tips for dressing your martian self while on a BLU$ budget? Leave a comment, or email me!

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