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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blue World Style: Make Your Blue Mars Home as Fashionable as Your Avatar with Furniture from CarCus Creations

In any world, fashion doesn't end with what you wear. There's fashion in your surrounding too, and in particular in your home. Furniture and decor are like an outfit for each room, they should reflect your personal style as much as any dress or pair of shoes. This is might be first post about Blue Mars furniture, but don't expect it to be my last! The furniture market in Blue Mars is expanding steadily as more martian residents consider their own residences. Today, I'm taking a look at CarCus Creations, a furniture shop in Tharsis Estates (Blink teleport here).

Most of the designs at CarCus are very modern, including the two dining sets shown. What I like in particular about the style of these items is that they often have nostalgic little notions and throwbacks built into the design. The classic vintage wood cabinets peppered throughout many of the different room settings are a good example of this, my favorite being the one topped with a clean and modest bar set. The sleek dining set pictured above has a very retro and mod feel to it, as well.

The bedroom sets are definitely the most conservative items at CarCus, and they would look quite at home in a catalog from a RL furniture brand. There's something very simple and cozy about these beds in particular. Like most of the content in this shop, they have a good balance of modern and vintage elements in the design. In particular I love the storage trunk at the foot of the bed, which is printed with an antique map pattern. The

On this bookshelf, you'll find a copy of "Anna Karenina" among other charming baubles. I'd like to see a lot more trinkets like these for sale-- if the content available for homes in Second Life and games like The Sims has taught me anything, it's that people absolutely love clutter-- little knick-knacks to full your shelves and pile on your coffee tables, every one of which says something about the homeowner. If a couch is like a dress, clutter is an earring or a necklace.

All of the items pictured are from the first floor of CarCus' store, but if you visit, be sure to check upstairs for a second bedroom set, an elegant pool table, and a couple of gorgeous cars!

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