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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blue World Style: Seasonal Glamor in Blue Mars

While fashion revolves around holiday-themes and winter clothing at this time of year, there can also be a raised interest in formal wear. With RL and virtual holiday parties in mind, and New Year's Eve just around the corner, party dresses and more elegant styles can make their way into our virtual wardrobe rotation. I designed my outfit today with this slightly more formal side of the holiday season in mind. Keep reading for all the details!

  • My dress is by Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade, though I snagged it from her branch shop in Shade City (Blink teleport here). I've had the tan version of this dress for awhile, but I picked up the black version for this outfit specifically. The black version has a satin-like sheen on the ruffle mesh that the tan version seems to lack (though perhaps it just shows up better in black), however I think I prefer the paler shades of this dress since the black seems to wash the actual details of this design away. However, if you need an LBD (little black dress) in your virtual closet, Estelle Parnall has a few different ones that you should try on, including this one.
  • Once again I've grabbed a pair of shoes from 8502.Bauhaus of GridRock City (Blink teleport here). These scintillating open-toed platforms come in three different colors with black soles and rosette detailing on the heel strap. While I like the style of these shoes (and they certainly scream New Year's Eve to me), you might notice the mesh and texture on the strap has a rather obvious seem where it meets with the front part of the shoe. Unfortunately the dark lighting of my screenshots exaggerates this problem-- in reality the difference between the two pieces is visible, but not nearly as pronounced. Remember, you can always hit the "Try On" button before you buy to see how they look on your feet.
  • My hair (which unfortunately looks a little sheer in the tricky but romantic night lighting at IDIA Lab) is also from Shade City.
  • My skin and shape are both from Moxxi in Port Town (Blink teleport here), however I'm wearing a set of Adam n Eve eyes from Caledonia (Blink teleport here).
What kinds of fashion do the holidays remind you of? Email me or leave a comment, and don't forget to check out all the festivities in Blue Mars!

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