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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blue World Style: Put a Chill in the Air as a Blue Mars Ice Queen

After yesterday's super casual ensemble, I was craving something a little more fantasy-inspired. I decided to take a few notes from my casual ensemble in picking my dress for this look, including a dramatic collar and belted waist, then took them to the other end of the fashion spectrum to develop this chillingly pretty ice queen ensemble. Keep reading for all the details, and some tips on modifying the look yourself!

  • I started with the high-collared icy blue dress from BS! in Misty Hollow (Blink teleport here). If the style looks a little familiar, it's because I used the red version of this dress for my Halloween succubus look back in October. The blue version feels a little more ethereal than its red counterpart, in my opinion, even though the cut of the dress is still red-hot.
  • The ornamental belt slung around my hips is an early gem from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates (Blink teleport here). When you're wearing this particular item, make sure it's layered fairly far from your avatar body, so that it won't clip your other clothing layers as much.
  • I've opted for a greyish-white hairstyle from Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Cloud City (Blink teleport here) which is essentially the place to go for exotic hair colors. Next, for my skin choice, I've chosen Adam n Eve's new geisha inspired look, along with a pair of their eyes in a pale blue tone called Frostflower. I like the contrast of the pale face of this skin with the vibrant red lips, which in the context of this outfit makes my avatar look elegant and frozen. For a more dramatic look, try makeup contest winner Cyclic Gearz' Geiko makeup over Adam n Eve's blue-toned skin, available in Caledonia (Blink teleport here).
  • The final touches on this outfit are a pair of snow-white pumps from Mako Magellan's shop in Caledonia, and a simple mother of pearl bangle from 8502.Bauhaus in GridRock City (Blink teleport here), though the silver version would work just as well.
I took this picture in the ever-snowy IamTown city, but keep your eyes peeled for seasonal decor popping up elsewhere in the coming weeks!

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