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Monday, September 13, 2010

Behind the City: Misty Hollow's Davy Rocket

--Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

Misty Hollow is an enchanted wonderland. Wander through it, and you will be engrossed in a world of make believe. From the castle high on a ledge, fit for a princess, to the overgrown toad stools, just the right size for a riddling caterpillar to perch upon, it is an idyllic setting to revisit the innocent fantasies of a childhood long forgotten.

Misty Hollow was the dream of creator Davy Rocket long before it became a reality (or virtual reality) in Blue Mars. Davy, along with his girlfriend V, began conceptualizing Misty Hollow while they were still building in the virtual world,

Davy and V met very early on in There, and are still together today. Davy started 3D design in 2003 doing modifications to Grand Theft Auto, Vice City. From modifying cars, he soon began designing his own autos, then moved on to chopper motorcycles.

He joined in 2007, and began designing, learning Gmax to make things in There. During his time at There, Davy moved from designing as a hobby, to designing as a full time job.

Although he had no professional training, having learned everything he knew about designing from reading tutorials and watching videos, Davy soon became one of the top designers at There. He began learning 3DS Max, with ambitions to design higher detail things than were possible in There.

He was referred to Blue Mars by a friend in October 2009, and when There went out of business in March 2010, he put all of his effort into realizing the vision of Misty Hollow in Blue Mars.

According to Davy, there is no concrete plan for the future of Misty Hollow, “We really never know what it will become next. We just start with an idea, and go with it,” he said.

He does plan to do special Halloween and Christmas looks for Misty Hollow this year, and hopes to put in an overhead rail system eventually to transport people from one end of Misty Hollow to the other. Davy is inspired to create by seeing the enjoyment others get from his work, and by hearing the feedback, both positive and negative.

Davy enjoys singing, and watching movies. Favourites include Gone in 60 Seconds, Forrest Gump, and Star Wars. And his absolute favourite thing to do, when he isn’t designing? “I mostly enjoy spending time with my girlfriend no matter what we do. I just enjoy spending time with her,” he said.

Misty Hollow currently features boat races, fashion shows, and other fun events, as well as shopping. Orielle and Antaios, Maxwell Graf, and Anon all have items for sale in Misty Hollow. V has a clothing line, Zuma designs, which also has a shop in Misty Hollow.

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