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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blue World Style: Bestselling Women's Fashions in Blue Mars

Recently I got the opportunity to see details about some of the most popular women's fashion items in Blue Mars, so today I've opted to talk about several of the items from that list that had already found their way into my inventory. Some of them I have worn in my previous posts, others are from designers I tend to talk about a lot, and some I've even kept to myself until now. Let's cut right to the chase!

First up is the skin tone strapless lace bra from Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade. Parnall is one of the most prolific designers in Blue Mars right now, and is one of a few name's I end up repeating over and over again in these style posts as a result. This bra's popularity is no surprise. A strapless bra in a subtle color is a must-have to avoid unsightly straps spoiling the neckline of a dress or outfit.

Next is this funky lilac striped mini-dress from GridRock City. While I find the edges of this dress are a bit raw, the pinched folds in the mesh around the bottom add a nice level of dimension to the design. This dress is a lot more vibrant than most of what else is available in terms of dresses, and also happens to be next to one of the most popular men's items, the GridRock City jeans.

Mako Magellan's boots from Caledonia are another staple of the Martian woman's closet. While the most popular color is black, I prefer this really warm, rich brown color. Knee-high boots are always a pretty key item in fall, so if you don't already have a pair of these striking shoes, now's the perfect time to grab them.

I apologize if my posts this week seem like a Moxxi-fest, but I couldn't omit this wildly popular leather jacket from her Port Town shop. While this jacket is gorgeous on its own, it's also an excellent example of the high level of detail that designers can work out with mesh. Belts, studs, and zippers make this jacket as technically impressive as it is stylish.

The last Blue Mars bestseller I'll be talking about are these stilettos from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates. Another item that likely sounds a little familiar to regular readers, no doubt, these shoes are extremely sexy. Beyond that, black heels are another vital piece of a complete wardrobe, so these stilettos are another no-brainer for a Blue Mars fashionista.

Do you agree with these popular picks, or do you think I'm way off the mark? As always, feel free to send me your tips and feedback!


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