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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue World Notes: The Blue Mars Avatar Who Wanted to be a Minotaur (But Became a Cat Instead)

In the first few days of exploring Blue Mars, among the very first Martians I met was a giant humanoid cat with the torso of a bodybuilder and the armored leggings of a, well, cat gladiator. The invention of Arzach Mills, the cat actually began as a minotaur (hence the buff body), but somewhere in the process, it started looking feline. "It may look like a cat just now," Arzach admits to me, laughing.

A professional 3D modeler and texture artist based in Istanbul, Turkey, Arzach made his cat-like minotaur in Maya, using Lattice, Soft Modification, and Sculpt Polygon to hone his creation. The creature itself is a body skin and shape, and as it happens, you can buy it from Arzach, who owns a store in Beach City, and soon, in his own City, called ARAF (more on that soon.) You may see him sometime in Second Life, where he also goes by the name Arzach Mills, and has operated a store for over three years. You can also see more of Arzach's fantastic artwork (2D and 3D) on his blog.

Thanks to the Martian called Strachan for the tip! Know another amazing Blue Mars avatar I should meet? Suggest in Comments, or email me, hamlet at bluemarsonline dot com.


  1. A mixed-up minotaur becomes a minou-rat?

  2. ahah, why not Mr Magellan? i did it hybrid

  3. I've spent a bit of time in Araf lately, it's very beautiful in the distance, although far as I can tell you can't get past the initial building (with all the TPs just going to the various floors)?

    It's a very exciting build, even though the layout isn't very intuitive at the moment. Looking forward to see where it goes once it's more than a shell.

  4. can ordinary people be what they want or is there a virtual elite?

  5. There's no elite I'm aware of, Pye -- a new world! :)


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