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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue Mars' Top Ten Bestsellers - Basics Rule, Male and Female Fashion Sell About Equally

Last week I wrote about five of the top ten bestsellers in Blue Mars fashions, so here's the rest.  Looking at them all, I noticed a couple very interesting shopping and social trends:

- The most popular items in Blue Mars are divided almost equally between womenswear and menswear, with womenswear taking a very slight lead over guys' clothes. It's a very common assumption that women are the only real consumers in virtual fashion markets, but time and again (as here), I actually find that many men are just as interested in customizing their avatars' appearance as their female counterparts.

- The bestsellers are overwhelmingly wardrobe basics: Versatile and practical pieces that can be worn with a broad range of looks and styles. A lot of Blue Mars shoppers are definitely thinking ahead when they invest in their virtual wardrobe.

That's enough analysis for now, though, so let's get to the items!

These jeans from GridRock City are not a shock at all. I can say without hesitation that jeans are one of the most common pieces of menswear for sale in Blue Mars and, for that matter, Second Life. If there's one thing that almost everyone should have in their wardrobe it's a decent pair of jeans, especially if you're a guy. They're a casualwear staple that can go with just about anything, so their unparalleled popularity among creators and consumers is practically a given!

This leather jacket from Sivan Okcuoglu, which you can find in the ground level shops in Beach City, also didn't come as any real surprise to me. Leather jackets have been a symbol of a hardcore attitude and lifestyle since the 1950s, and every generation seems to take some element of them an make them its own. What's not to love about that kind of timeless appeal?

You can also find the next two items in the ground level shops in Beach City. This thermal top by Electric Geisha Pty Ltd is another example of casual versatility and smart wardrobe choices. It would go perfectly with the GridRock jeans and even underneath the leather jacket (with some smart layering). Another bonus? This thermal only costs 50BLU$!

This padded coat, appropriately named Cold Front, is also by Electric Geisha Pty Ltd in Beach City. This was a little more surprising to me than the other items, because it is a comfy looking jacket... for a world that seems sunny and temperate! We all tend to bring certain real world fashion baggage (for lack of a better word) with us. We wear glasses, carry cute umbrellas, and wear warm coats when there's really no need to, because it's a look we know, and a direct extension of our real lives into our virtual lives. Or maybe it's just a really nice coat!

The last item is another for the ladies, and it's the item than breaks the nearly equal balance between the sexes in favor of the females. Much like the strapless bra that's also wildly popular, this backless bra from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates is vital for more daringly cut clothing, in particular anything with a low or open back. If pink's not your style you'll be happy to hear that it also comes in red, and if you're looking for matching sets, you can also pick up a pair of underwear in the same shades.

That's it for the items that are taking Blue Mars fashion by storm, but what are your favorite wardrobe essentials? Drop me a line or leave a comment!


  1. It looks like four of the ten best-selling items are for males, six for females. I suspect that this showing is due as much to availability as anything. You may be able to gain access to AR data about how many items are available for each gender, average prices, etc. Also, how many avatars of each gender are registered? Not everyone would be interested in these facts, but I would. How about a future post on the subject?

  2. Hi Iris,

    Do you know how I can contact Sivan Okcuoglu?


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