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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue World Notes: What Blue Mars Cities Should I Explore First?

... and so I entered a new world, without the white suit I usually wear. And since Blue Mars' Welcome Area seems tropical enough, why bother wearing a shirt at all? It was empty when I entered, but eventually, my old friend Rodion Resistance, a well known artist from Second Life, appeared, and brought along a gaggle of friends. Soon we were talking with a guy nearby, who was standing on a rock wearing angel wings and gold tights, but that's another story.

This is only the first stop in a long journey through the emerging community that is Blue Mars. Question is, where should I go next, and why? I ask that of the original Martian colonists who arrived earlier than me -- please share in Comments of this post, and I'll go forward from there. (You may need to first click this post's link, to access the Comment option.)


  1. For sight-seeing, I usually recommend New Venice and Port Town to newcomers. Both have been crafted with a good grasp of technique and a highly developed sense of aesthetics. And neither is too crowded.

  2. So where is "The Fools" Picture? You said..... Just wait until you see the event I have planned for my first year's birthday party at Halloween. Prizes (donated by me) of 30K Blus + (maybe 50k if I don't spend too much in a certain tailors shop in Caledonia (clue initials M M ). Registration will be free, everyone who comes wins a prize. Can we have the pumpkins back?

  3. FYI The "Gold Tights" are actually Regency Breeches. My tailor (who cannot be named because it would be advertising a tailors shop in Caledonia which is so New England - recommended). These breeches were actually designed both for comfort and ease of taking the pi*s which is what The Fool does. ;)

  4. Port town as Mako said. Arcadia if you want something to get involved in.


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