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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue World Style Tip: Metallic Eyeshadow in Blue Mars

Today I want to share a makeup trick that I'm probably guilty of overusing a little. In the picture above, the two images on the left are plain black eyeshadow, while on the right, I've added a pink glossy eyeshadow layer overtop of the black. You can use this technique to make a really dynamic metallic eyeshadow, or to just add a little natural looking shine to your eyelids, depending on the colour and opacity. All in all, it's a super easy technique, and there are a lot of ways to use it to add oomph to your Blue Mars makeup look!

In the face and makeup editor, select your eyeshadow layer, then click "duplicate". Select the new eyeshadow layer and click "gloss", then drag it near the top of your makeup layers. Then all you need to do is change the eyeshadow color and the gloss color and play with the opacity until you find something you really love. If you've got that slinky Nefertiti costume, you could try a green shadow with blue gloss, or if you're going to a party like me you can establish a simple smokey eye and use the gloss layer to match your dress for a really chic and coordinated look.

Of course this isn't limited to eyeshadow, it also looks great on the lips. My personal favorite is a slightly more subtle pink with a gold gloss on it, but why not try a goth look? Black lips with a sultry red sheen are easy as pie.

Do you have a clever trick that you use your makeup and face layers for? I'd love to hear from you!

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