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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue World Street Style: Tizzers Foxchase

In addition to writing about my own outfit choices and shopping favorites, I plan to showcase stylish avatars that I spot in world. If you catch me at an event or out shopping, throw on your best outfit because I'll always be scouting for new martian style icons to highlight! This week's target is Tizzers Foxchase, who came to last Friday's party in the Welcome Area in this casual punk avatar that really stood out in the crowd. What really caught my attention about her avatar is her facial structure. While there may only a handful of skins and shapes openly available in shops at the moment, Tizzers is proof that you can still separate yourself from everyone else with the tools at hand.

Tizzers is wearing a skin, hoodie, skirt, and boots from Moxxi in Port Town (whose jeans I raved about in my post yesterday), a hairstyle from Tirion Designs in Tharsis. While Tizzers has put together a really cohesive look, she also deserves to be commended for her really well-done punky raccoon-eye makeup. I think I have a habit of playing it a bit too safe with my eyeshadow, so she's definitely inspired me to try out some more pronounced looks on my own avatar.

Do you have an awesomely bold makeup look, or a polished avatar that you want to show off in Blue World Street Style? Catch me in world or, better yet, email me!

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