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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue World Notes: Diverse Avatars Dance in Blue Mars

Pink pokey alien guy may not approve of my righteous dance moves

Last Friday I attended my first Blue Mars event, a crowded dance party with a live DJ, and got my first surprise: Where I've assumed that Blue Mars avatars are uniformly human and realistic, a fair amount were decidedly on the fantastic side. Dig the arms akimbo alien above, next to the blue robot onlooker. Or at the bar near the dance floor, a winged humanoid cat pleasantly chatting with me and a couple other dudes:

This is going to be a running theme in Blue World Notes: the evolution of Blue Mars avatars, both human and otherwise, as the main way we express ourselves in a virtual world. That also means talking with the people who make avatars like these unique, and invent new ways to make them even moreso.

Also, I'd really like to know why the blue rabbit angel in the Santa Claus suit didn't feel like dancing:

Shy, or just a people and pink alien watcher? You'll know more when I know more!


  1. One look at that querulous lapine visage and you would know he's not a happy rabbit.

  2. Does everyone still have to be the same height? Are tinies or child avatars possible yet?


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