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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blue World Notes: Truly Becoming Hamlet Au in Blue Mars (Thanks to Mako Magellan)

I've been wandering the world of Blue Mars as an avatar writer for nearly two weeks, but up until now, something's been missing: a white suit, similar to the suit my Second Life "embedded journalist" avatar wore, as a tribute to Tom Wolfe. Oh, I liked the original steampunk suit I started with quite a bit, but my Blue Mars avatar wouldn't feel truly myself, until I got some crisp white threads.

Enter Mr. Mako Magellan, a well-known clothier in the Blue Mars City of Caledonia. I heard a hot rumor his Caledonian shop was sporting a new white suit (OK, he told me on Facebook), so I teleported over to try it on:

After a few adjustments to make sure I wasn't bursting through the seams, here I finally am, truly ready to start chronicling the evolution of Blue Mars society:

I'm hoping to start a trend, because on Mars, I say white looks good everywhere.

How about you? Is there an outfit for your avatar that you need to wear, to really feel comfortable in your virtual skin? Discuss in Comments, and always feel free to hit me up via hamlet at bluemarsonline dot com.


  1. As perhaps a somewhat younger person than you the suit, while classy does not always suit. White of course is classic and clearly you will be at home in The New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi and of course Raffles in Singapore. (Does anyone know where Rick is? Last time I saw him was in Paris) However the Disco scene as, hrumpf, dare I say that Saturday Night Fever is somewhat passé... Mr Travolta has matured as we have seen in such epics as Be Cool. My current look is primarily a black shirt with purple tie (Magellan)yellow regency bottoms (Magellan " Gold Tights") A Moxxi leather jacket and Grid Rock leather boots. Hair is always so important and, as a young person, the rough hair in Grid is absolutely fabulous. The icing on the cake? Purple sunglasses from Misty Hollow which is an exact match to Magellans tie. Mt Au as you are a mature gentleman you show excellant taste, I applaud and respect you... ah to get down and boogie with the chicks you gotta Be Cool... refers for screenshots

  2. Good tips, thanks! The reason Wolfe wore a white suit is that he'd stick out like a sore thumb no matter where he went to write (rock concert, race track) but still look stylish. I try to follow his example!


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