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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue World Style: Back to School Fashion in Blue Mars

This season is the first autumn in about 18 years that I'm not spending as a student, and as much as I hated the last-minute essays, all-night reading, and the loud neighbours on Thursday and Friday nights, breathing in the cold crisp fall air already makes me feel some pretty strong pangs of nostalgia. I figured it would be appropriate in light of this to put together a preppy back to school style outfit for today.

I'm wearing my usual Shape from Moxxi in Port Town of course, with a skin from Estelle Parnall in Fashion Esplanade. I want to once again remind everyone to try before you buy. The nostrils of this skin extend a bit farther than the nostrils of the shape I'm wearing for example, so the option to try the skin on before buying lets me decide if I can live with that or not. This skin also has some pretty fierce brows that may not be to your liking, since they're a bit hard to tint or cover with the eyebrow makeup layer. Consequently, if you're adamant about brows matching your hair, this skin might not be for you. With that said, the shape and detail of the lips makes me swoon every time I look, and I've been nearly inseparable from this skin since I got it.

I'm also wearing my favorite glasses, as well as some low pigtails, from Shade City. I normally find pigtails a little bit tacky, but this style is low-key enough to have won me over. The jeans from Moxxi should be no surprise after all the gushing I did about them last week, but the real star of this ensemble is the argyle sweater from Pink Fizzy Soda Designs in Gaia, which is available in other colors for the guys as well as the gals. I finished the look with the black wedges that come with the default avatar, which are actually the shoes I wear most when I'm out shopping or wandering around in Blue Mars.

As always, don't hesitate to email me with your Blue Mars fashion ideas and secrets!

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