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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blue World Style: Blue Mars' Dark Elves and Fantasy Friday

Last Friday I did a sci-fi inspired look, so today I decided I would continue on that note and try a fantasy outfit. I styled my avatar a little after the Asmodian dark elf race in one of my favourite MMORPGs, Aion. They usually use a very cool color palette of blues, greens, and purples, and tend to wear very dramatic outfits, so I assembled my look based on those cues.

I'm wearing the blue fantasy skin from Adam n Eve in Caledonia, which I've enhanced using some creative gloss layers on the lips and under the eyes (check out my tutorial on this technique from earlier this week). The hairstyle is from Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Cloud City, which is the definitive shop for wildly colored hair, my bra is from GrabJo in Shade City, and the glowing turquoise earrings I'm wearing are from Sketchy Fever in Gaia.

Of course the focal point of this avatar is the elaborate outfit from AD Sport in Beach City which comes complete with the gauntlets, collar, cowl and cloak. I really love the dramatic design of this dress, and it really makes me eager to see what ADSport designer Arzach Mills will produce in the future. I will say that the texturing on this outfit doesn't quite do the elaborate meshwork justice, but at the same time I appreciate the risk of designing niche clothing like this for a growing market. It takes vision and commitment, I'm always very eager to encourage designers with guts like that because great things will invariably come from them.

Don't forget to drop me a line this weekend with tips and feedback, or say hello if you catch me in world– I'll be hard to miss in this ensemble!

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