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Friday, September 17, 2010

Blue World Style: Sci-Fi Friday in Blue Mars

I have to admit that I've been enamored with oriental dresses, in particular Chinese qipaos and cheongsams, for the better part of my life. Naturally when I came across this somewhat revealing qipao-inspired number (in my favourite color no less!) while scouting around Shade City a couple months ago, I didn't hesitate to snap it up. The problem since then however has been how to wear it, since all the underwear I had clashed terribly due to the very low sides and back of this dress, and no matter what shoes I tried on it always looked a bit off. On a more recent shopping spree, both of these problems were miraculously solved, and helped me to produce a fabulously cosmic ensemble worthy of a Martian supermodel.

The force-field stiletto boots from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates are the kind of item that get me very excited, because they are stylish and at the same time bend the rules of what's possible in real life versus what's possible in virtual life. In addition to being groundbreaking, they're just incredibly nifty. You can't really tell in the picture of course, but those glowing pink bands move up along the avatar's legs steadily before fading out mid-thigh. A perfect example of sci-fi fashion! My underclothing problem was solved by irkmade in Caledonia, which released a minimum modesty top layer. I've had mixed results with it as when I am just exploring it appears white and opaque, but when I edit my face it goes completely sheer. I'll admit that I'm not really sure why this is, and your results may vary, but I can't say that I mind either way since even when it's opaque it matches the trim of my Shade qipao better than anything else. I'm also wearing a pair of pink bikini briefs and my trusty shape from Moxxi in Port Town, and a skin from Adam n Eve in Caledonia. The double-bun hairstyle from Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Cloud City is the perfect final touch– and it is also available in pink, if you want to be completely color-coordinated.

Do you have any other examples of 'not possible in real life' fashions in Blue Mars? Send me your tips or leave a comment!

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