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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blue World Style: Beach City Chic in Blue Mars

I have to admit that one of my favourite photography locations is Beach City, so I decided that for my article today I would do an outfit inspired by this sunny spot. A bikini seemed a bit too obvious so I opted for something more casual, but still with enough glamor to be an heiress on vacation in the tropics.

I started this outfit with a pair of sunglasses from Rustica in Misty Hollow. I'm waiting with baited breath for a diamond or pearl necklace so I can complete a 'Holly Golightly on Mars' look with these glasses, but until then they're a really quick way to add a little vogue to most outfits. The skin and tank top are both from Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade, the simple silver hoop earrings I'm wearing are from Sketchy Fever in Gaia, and the hairstyle is another gorgeous favorite from Shade City. I opted for a pair of Mako Magellan heels from Caledonia rather than my usual Tirion Designs stilettos because Magellan's have a pale golden trim that seems more complimentary to the other metal accents in this outfit, including all the very impressively done clips and buckles on the purse from AD Sport in Beach City. What I want to highlight most in this look, however, are the jeans from Moxxi in Port Town. I think the texture work on these jeans is some of the best in Blue Mars fashion, and it combines with very precise mesh detailing to make a pretty amazing piece of virtual clothing. They're are an absolute must-have item for the ladies.

As always, don't hesitate to email me with your tips, favorite outfits, topics or items you think I should cover next in Blue World Style!

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