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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blue World Notes: Fun Blue Mars Machinima Demonstrating Blue Mars' Real Time Makeup Editor

This is a fun little machinima demonstrating Blue Mars' make up editor working in real time -- which is why this poor avatar's face seems to be under attack by a wayward Fu Manchu mustache. The video is by Sofian Samtanko, avid adventurer in many virtual worlds, who recently began exploring Blue Mars, drawn there by the graphics. (And to judge by this video, the flying mustaches.)

The video was shot with FRAPS, which is a great software tool for capturing 3D video in games and MMOs. I use it all the time, and can personally recommend it for your machinima needs; you can download it for free here. And speaking of make up, don't forget Iris' custom make up contest, deadline dropping on the 29th!

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