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Monday, November 22, 2010

Help spread the word about Blue Mars and be eligible for 2,500BLU$ per day during our Blue Mars Harvest Homecoming!

--Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

To celebrate our first annual Blue Mars Harvest Homecoming, we are offering BLU$ sign-up bonuses for new members and BLU$ awards for current members who help spread the word about Blue Mars!

From November 22 to November 29, if you are not already a member of Blue Mars, create a new Blue Mars account and log in to win 1,000BLU$!

Sign up for a Blue Mars account at! It only takes a minute to register! Then just follow @bluemarsonline on Twitter, @bluemars on Plurk or “Like” @BlueMarsOnline on Facebook, and use Facebook, Plurk or Twitter to send us your Blue Mars UserID!

For example, on Twitter: "@bluemarsonline I just signed up for BlueMars, and my UserID is _____". That's it! After you log into Blue Mars for the first time, we will credit your account with 1,000BLU$!

Already a Blue Mars member? AWESOME! Help us spread the word about Blue Mars, and you will have a chance to win your share of 10,000BLU$ per day! Here is how to do it:

1) Post info about our New Member Promotion on your Facebook, Plurk, or Twitter account! (See Samples Below)

2) Be sure to include a tag in your post, @bluemarsonline on Twitter, @bluemars on Plurk, or @BlueMarsOnline on Facebook, and include your Blue Mars userID! (the actual ID, not the avatar name).

3) After you successfully send your Plurk, Tweet, or Facebook post, you will be automatically entered to win 2500BLU$! We will be giving away 4 prizes of 2500BLU$ each day during this event!

4) Post as many times as you want. You will be entered to win each time! Be sure to tag Blue Mars in the post and include your UserID, or send it in a separate post or private message!

Here’s some sample messages to send -- just copy and paste the text and send through your Plurk, Twitter, or Facebook account:

Sample Plurk: Sign up for BlueMars by Nov 29 & get 1000BLU$! RP this to enter to win 2,500BLU$! @bluemars

Sample Tweet: Sign up for BlueMars by Nov 29 & get 1000BLU$! RT this to enter to win 2,500BLU$! @bluemarsonline

Sample Facebook Post: Check out Blue Mars!! Create a new account this week and receive 1000BLU$ when you log in! More info on the blog: @BlueMarsOnline

Be sure to check out our Harvest Homecoming Festival this week, featuring great events like a Blue Friday Shopping extravaganza, Fashion Show and great prizes for new members! Read more here!

Have questions about this giveaway? Ask in the Comments section!

Official Rules:

• Post about the Harvest Homecoming new member promotion (1000BLU$ for new members!) to be eligible for one of the four 2,500 BLU$ prizes we will award each day!

• If you are not already a member of Blue Mars, create a new Blue Mars account during this week and log in to receive 1,000 BLU$. Remember to tag Blue Mars and include your UserID!

• Anyone found making duplicate accounts will be disqualified, and will not be rewarded the 1,000 BLU$ for a new member account! We can tell which accounts are duplicates!

• Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, all BLU$ earned after Wednesday, November 24 will be granted on Monday!

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