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Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue World Style: New Blue Mars Brand, Role in Shade City

Role is a cute little shop that recently opened its doors in Shade City (Blink Teleport). Though the current selection is a little limited, based on the quality of these designs I would love to see Role expand their line. Mesh design and careful texturing combine in these pieces to create a very classic image, so I can really see this shop becoming a Martian fashionista favourite if they release more polished pieces like these!

While I like the tight, flattering fit of their turtleneck sweaters, I just had to showcase this super chic sleeveless pencil dress that caught my eye instead.

There are two things that make this dress stand out to me in particular. First, the detail on the front panel is subtle, yet stands out just enough to catch the light and shadow, giving it a very realistic feel like real cloth. It doesn't just look plastered onto my torso, but rather looks like it is fabric settled on a physical body -- that can be a huge obstacle when creating mesh clothing, and it requires a very focused eye for detail. The second element that I like about this design is far less technical, but the ribbon that runs just above the waist absolutely makes me swoon. Little details and accents like this ribbon can take a very simple look right into the realm of pure elegance.

I'm also wearing a pair of velvet pumps from Role, which feature the hidden platform style silhouette that has become tremendously popular. If you want a slightly trendier alternative to classic black pumps in Blue Mars, Role is worth a visit for them alone!

One thing I've deliberately left out of this look is coordinated makeup. If you're stumped for inspiration for our makeup creation contest, consider my face a blank canvas! How would you style your cosmetic layers to suit this slinky sapphire ensemble? Check out the contest details here, and remember to submit your entry before November 29th, 12:00am PST!

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