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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blue World Style Tip: Use Symmetry to Make Perfectly Mirrored Makeup

A lot of my tip posts have focused on the makeup system. It's an incredibly nuanced tool that, like a lot of content creation methods, can seem a little intimidating and complicated at first but, once broken down into its components, is usable by just about everyone. I'm sure you've also noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been heavily reliant on this makeup system, and the reason for that will become clear later this week. However, for today, I want to talk about one of the most useful but also one of the most easily overlooked features in the Face Editor: The "Symmetry" function.

The most common way to use Symmetry would be for things that you would like identical on each side of your face. Eyebrows, eyeshadow and liner, blushing and contouring, and even artistic designs would be very annoying to adjust and place independently. With Symmetry checked on a layer, it will automatically mirror it to the other side of the face, so that any changes you make on one side will be applied to the other.

That's not the limit of symmetry, though! If you have a cosmetic layer in the middle of your face, lip color for example, checking Symmetry will double the layer, so you can make sure that the shape itself is centered and symmetrical. The point of this is of course that it's a foolproof way to prevent errors like crooked or misshapen lipstick-- just check the Symmetry box, fix the edges of the shape, and un-check Symmetry again for flawless lips and more!

What's your favorite cosmetic creation tool in Blue Mars? leave a comment or email me!

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