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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue World Notes: Have You Heard the Rocking Zombies of Blue Mars' Wasteland?

Zombie Wasteland, as the name suggests, is a Blue Mars city where the mutated survivors of biological weapons tests are imprisoned in a dilapidated town that's cut off from the mainland by a one way bridge, left to rot beneath an eternal rain. (Web page and direct Blink teleport at this link.) Evidently, they're kept there by their captors, who want to keep their existence secret. But the zombies have a secret of their own. Finding that secret isn't easy, because for one thing, the city is a dark foreboding maze. For another, if you explore the city, as I did recently with a friend, the zombies are liable to follow you around. And even if they don't infect you, it's still pretty creepy.

Pursued by zombies with Mencius Watts

But if you search long enough, you will find the zombies' secret: In a clearing of the city, a large group of them have formed an impromptu jam band, where they play a peppy pop song that's also fairly eerie. (What do you expect, they're, you know, zombies.) But then, maybe there's a lesson here: Even if the powers that be turn you into a inhuman undead creature of the night, all is not lost if you can still rock out:

However, it's unclear at this writing if they take requests.

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