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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Notes on Blue Mars Beta 2.0

--Jim Sink, CEO

With the release of our Beta 2.0 Client and new SDK last week, we’ve reached an important milestone in our mission to deliver the platform for next generation 3D social gaming, immersive education, and high fidelity virtual worlds. Using the newest release of Blue Mars, developers can create and share amazing photo-real virtual environments like IDIA Lab’s upcoming City, secure and massively scalable productivity locations like OnLand, beautiful fashions, expansive private residences, and detailed animations. The ongoing improvements to the Blue Mars platform continues to expand the opportunities for digital entrepreneurs, game developers, educators, and businesses to create, share, and monetize incredible online 3D experiences.

To help people discover and share all this fantastic new content in Blue Mars, we’ve dramatically expanded our web presence with blog coverage from Wagner James Au and Iris Ophelia along with “Blinks,” web accessible hyperlinks to Blue Mars destinations. Please check out the new for listings of Blue Mars locations, top destinations, and the latest updates.

The updates to Blue Mars don’t end with discovery and development. To make Blue Mars easier and more enjoyable to use, we’ve dramatically improved avatar movement, introduced new camera controls, and expanded in-world interface options for profile access, private messaging, friends, muting, and interactions. The requests and suggestions we get from our passionate and constructive users (thank you forum posters!) continue to help us refine and expand the interface and client. With the Beta 2.0 client out, we’re working hard to get the next update to Blue Mars ready before the end of the year. Look for improvements to data and download management, expanded options for discoverability, enhancements to the client browsing experience, new content and gameplay activities for users, and some exciting surprises.

Finally, thank you to all our users and developers who have supported and encouraged us during the development of Blue Mars. We appreciate your support and we look forward to providing an even better platform for you to create, share, and explore amazing online 3D experiences.


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