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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue World Notes: How to be a Polar Bear in Blue Mars

I now have an alternative to my white suit reporter avatar in Blue Mars, and it's the next best thing: a white suited polar bear avatar! (I bet my interviews will go a lot more smoother now.) This thanks to Sivan Okculogu, whose innovative brand, AD Sport, specializes in fantastic, beautifully crafted avatars in several varieties. (Humanoid wasp and man-sized gargoyle are among the other options.)

The polar bear and other exotic avatars are available in Beach City (Blink teleport page here), at a store called Treasure Chest. Once you arrive at Beach City, select the teleport square with that name, located to the right of the city map. Click that, and Treasure Chest is one of the stores within ten feet of your arrival point. (Directly behind you, as I recall.)

To become a polar bear (or a wasp, or a gargoyle, etc.), you first need to buy an Invisible Layer, which as the name suggests, erases your human form. After you put that on, you're ready to become the strange and wonderful avatar of your choosing. Just follow the polar bear's instructions below:

Now I'm ready for the coming winter and high stress interviews!

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