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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blue World Style: Get Rodeo-Ready with this Cute Blue Mars Cowgirl

Wandering through a few recently updated cities, I noticed that Danielle Eber of Tirion Designs had recently released a cute little plaid keyhole top and a cowboy hat, and I instantly felt the urge to put together a killer country girl look. A lot of the outfits I've put together in Blue Mars have been over the top in glamor and fantasy appeal, so this was an opportunity to get my hands dirty and go for a slightly more rural look... Though I'll admit it's more suited to a farm photo shoot than an afternoon of heaving bales of hay around!

  • As I mentioned, both the hat and top are from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates [Blink Teleport to City]. I love the little tie detail in the center of the keyhole cutout, and while I find the hat is a little bulky, this is done so you can wear different hairstyles underneath it. Ultimately this makes it more versatile than a hat with a built-in hairstyle, even if it means looking a bit loose around the sides. Layer the hat closer to your body, and your hair farther away, to remedy this.
  • This outfit really demanded a pair of denim shorts, so I've gone with the simple pair from the default inventory. Well textured and featuring a cute little belt, they're perfect for this look.
  • I didn't have any cowboy boots on hand, so I went with these clompy boots from Moxxi in Port Town [Blink Teleport to City] since they have a bit of a work-boot vibe. If they're not quite your thing, try a pair of running shoes instead.
  • The finishing touches for this look are my perennial favorite wavy blond hairstyle from Shade City [Blink Teleport to City], and a freckle cosmetic layer. Of course, after yesterday's post about sharing makeup layers, I just have to offer my country girl freckles too, so click here to download them!
  • Finally, today's pictures were taken in Arcadia [Blink Teleport to City], my favorite place to take desert-themed shots, like my regal Pharaoh mummy costume!
As always, if you have tips, tricks, ideas, or feedback, feel free to comment or email me!


  1. Wow, the avatars keep getting better and better!

  2. It's probably better if hats and hair are designed to be closer in scale - and made mutually accommodating by layering the hair closer to the body and the hat further away, rather than the other way around like you describe.

  3. Normally I would agree with you about the hats Mako, but I found this one had a lot of extra room between the inside and the hairstyle I was wearing, so switching the order allowed me to fill that gap a bit so it looked a bit closer to the normal fit of a hat, rather than being so loose.


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