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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blue World Style: IDIA Lab, One of the Most Fashionable Cities in Blue Mars

In my last article, I styled a simple and chic ensemble to match the gorgeous scenery of IDIA Lab, but there's style imbued in the city itself. Any virtual (or RL) fashionista or photographer can tell you a truly stunning photoshoot often requires a truly stunning background. While IDIA (Blink site here) has no clothing shops, in my opinion it's the most fashionable location in Blue Mars. With that in mind, here are my 5 favorite settings in IDIA for virtual fashion photography, and don't be afraid to click the picture thumbnails to soak in all their architectural and environmental glory!

My first stop is the Byodo-in Temple. I've taken a picture of my favorite angle, which lets you get a lot of the elements that make this temple so gorgeous in frame. You can see the sun setting behind it, the luminous figure of Buddha in its main room, and the striking geometry of the structure itself. The light also plays beautifully across the water that surrounds the temple making this an absolutely gorgeous and relaxing photoshoot location.

For something a little brighter and more ornate in the same vein as Byodo-in, try Ji Le Temple. The lacquer coating this structure appears much brighter and more intense than the lacquer on Byodo-in's beams and walls, and the painted as well as the structural detail are also more striking. This location would definitely be more suited to elaborate, costume-like outfits. While Byodo-in is most awe-inspiring from a slight distance, Ji le really begs the photographer to get up close for all the delicious detailing.

The Art Gallery is a great destination for slightly more casual outfits. Classic styles that reflect the quiet austerity of a beautiful gallery would be completely at home in these halls. Imagine for example a young woman perusing the Louvre, dressed comfortably for a day of exploring Paris, but stylishly because... well... it's Paris! Now of course this museum is based on the one at Ball State University and not the Louvre, but the aura of being immersed in beautiful classical artwork remains.

This fountain is actually just beneath where you land at IDIA, and it would be a backdrop in a completely different vein than all the others available at IDIA. This would be a great scene of an edgy, modern outfit. Something straight off the catwalk with stark, contrasting colors and a well defined silhouette would be the ideal outfit to match with this backdrop, and would even fit into an avant garde fashion magazine spread.

My last location is my favorite, and one of the most photographed sections of IDIA by far, Panama Pacific. The elegant marble columns, soaring bronze angels, sparkling clear fountains, and delicately groomed gardens-- it's all enough to make a girl weak in the knees. Because of its size and the variety of different areas and angles, this location can work for many different kinds of outfits. Consider shooting casualwear in the flower gardens, formalwear backed by those sleek and elegant columns, even a unique fantasy outfit right by the fountain. There are dozens of different ways to use this space, and I have no doubt that I'll be shooting plenty of pictures here in the future.

Those are my favorite fashionable locations in IDIA, but what about you? Where do you think the most "fashionable" location is in Blue Mars? Leave a comment, post to Blue Mars' Flickr, or email me!

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