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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blue World Style: Try a 5 Minute Makeover With Moxxi's Aida Skin and Shape

Nine times out of ten in Blue Mars I'm wearing a Moxxi shape on my avatar, and more often than not I've got the skin to match. Moxxi's shapes have more refined feminine features than can generally be achieved through the Blue Mars facial shape editor, and they definitely add an extra dash of beauty and elegance to an outfit. These shapes are excellent bases for any skin, though the skins designed to go with these shapes are photorealistic and generally very striking. Moxxi's skins and shapes are now sold separately rather than being combined as they were when the shop first opened, which gives a few more options for wearing them.

Moxxi's latest releases, the Aida skin and shape, are my favorite set to date. The Aida shape has a slightly longer looking face than the previous faces, and the chin is particular is more pronounced than previous Moxxi girls'. As for the Aida skin, I'm absolutely in love. It's worth noting that I'm wearing it without any extra cosmetics layers, so you can see that it does come with a bit of a built-in smokey-eye look. If you plan on wearing this (or most other Moxxi skins) with a paler eye makeup look, you'll want to put a semi-transparent concealing flesh-tone layer on the eyes to cancel the eyeliner out. Check out Aida and Moxxi's other skins (for males and females!) in Port Town (Blink Teleport here). first opened, which gives a few more options for wearing them.

What's your favorite Blue Mars skin? Leave a comment, or email me! first opened, which gives a few more options for wearing them.


  1. I've looked at the Moxxi shapes and they are nicely done. HOWEVER, they suffer the same problem rampant in Second Life. Bad scale. The Moxxi head is way too small for the body. The untouched Blue Mars avatar is in proportion.

    The Moxxi skins are wonderful.

    All though the shape editor is limited in Blue Mars, a good, unique and personal face shape is still possible. But it takes a long time to refine while using the BM tools.

  2. I've long thought that the default BM avatars could do with some reshaping. For the male, longer arms, longer thorax, narrower feet and smaller head. For the female, thicker thighs and smaller feet.

    That male clavicle needs work too! :)


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