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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue World Notes: What Do You Want Your Blue Mars Profile to Say About You?

The latest build of Blue Mars comes with a new profile section for you and your avatar, and every option in it is meant to be a conversation starter, when you mean another Martian: Likes and Dislikes, says, Favorite City in Blue Mars, and my favorite, a place to list what other virtual worlds you belong to -- I listed mine "Second Life (Hamlet Au)", so people will immediately know my SL avatar name. In my experience writing in Second Life, avatar profiles are the easiest way to find a connection point of common interest, when you meet another player. It's also a chance to express a lot about your real personality, from the safety of your avatar. If you're a longtime Blue Mars member, I hope you still take the time to fill it out, because I think we'll discover some interesting things about ourselves, and the growing Blue Mars userbase.

(I'm in Hawaii this week at the Avatar Reality office this week, by the way, so I'll be spending a little extra time highlighting new features that Avatar team has been making, in hopes they'll serve the community.)

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