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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue World Style Tip: Find the Perfect Halloween Picture Backdrop in Blue Mars, the Sequel!

Yesterday I wrote about a great area in Shade City to take your costumed pictures for Blue Mars' Halloween BLU$ deal, but it looks like I spoke too soon! This morning while in the process of looking for a missing piece for an outfit, I came across Cloud City's new Halloween build. Once you land there, enter through the cemetery gate and take a look around. There's a white ghost that trails after you, and a black ghost that skulks around ominously, and as you wander around you'll find your camera will occasionally by hijacked to sweep dramatically over the scene around you, almost like a game cinematic– all of this is a part of the game in the city, to solve the white ghost's murder. It's dark, gloomy, rainy, and an amazing location for your spooky snapshots!

Here are a few tips for taking the best pictures possible in Cloud City's graveyard:

1. Is the white ghost in your shot? Just wait a couple seconds and he'll fade away, leaving the frame clear for your picture.

2. Feeling lucky? Try to snap a couple pics while the city's controlling your camera movement, you'll get some really uniquely angled shots!

3. Dark is spooky, but is it hard to make out your costume in the pic? If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can use the "Auto-Tone" function under the "Image" menu to bring in a little light without washing out too much of the darkest details.

No matter which location you choose, don't forget to submit your pictures before October 31st, and enter the costume contest on October 29th! Read more about both here.

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