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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue World Style: Going Goth in Blue Mars

I'm on a bit of a streak from covering alternative styles on Fridays (Freaky Fridays, if you will), so today I'm keeping the roll going with a smoldering goth look. First off, I started building this outfit around my skin and makeup. I'll never get tired of the metallic makeup look, so I juiced up this Estelle Parnall skin from Fashion Esplanade with black lipstick with a red gloss layer, along with heavily exaggerated wing eyeliner and a parallel eyeshadow shape. I also brought my cheeks out a little more by tinting my blush layer white, and adding some shading in the hollows of my cheeks (I'll be writing more about this technique next week). The long black hairstyle from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates frames the face well without looking too prissy.

Next, I slipped into a leather dress from SingTel City, and achieved a double-strapped look by wearing the default black bikini top underneath. I matched this with a pair of gartered fishnets also from Tirion Designs– technically, two pairs, since I wore them on two separate layers to get them to look extra dark. The top picture makes the tights look inverted, but that's just a side effect of the lighting in the face editor, so don't panic, realists! The final touches to this outfit are a choker from Sketchy Fever in Gaia, and a pair of clompy black boots and folded armwarmers from Moxxi in Port Town.

Got your own gorgeous Martian goth look? Don't be shy, email me your tips!


  1. Iris, i love the post, the artistic technique and the look. Well done!

  2. I love it! I purchased the boots and other leather items from Moxxi. Danielle has done a great job with the new hairs. Great post Iris!


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